Different Air Cleaners You Could Install In Your Home

If you are concerned about the quality of your residence's indoor air, then you could choose to invest in air cleaners. However, opting for an air cleaner is not simply about purchasing the first type that you come across. The different air cleaners available use varying techniques to eliminate a wide assortment of pollutants in your air. As such, your decision should be based on your individual needs rather than trying to get the cheapest air cleaner. To do this, you should know what the different air cleaners have to offer. Here are some of the different air cleaners that you could consider installing in your home. 

High Efficiency Particulate Air Cleaners

These types of filers are commonly referred to as HEPA cleaners. They are specifically designed to laminate microscopic pollutants in the air that could pose the risk of respiratory problems in the inhabitants of the home. As such, they are a popular option during the summer when the levels of allergens floating in the air are high.  HEPA cleaners are ideal if you are looking to eliminate pollutants such as pollen, mould, dust motes, bacteria, pet dander and more. It should be noted though that HEPA cleaners are designed to eliminate particulate matter and thus would not be suitable for the elimination of chemical fumes or gases that may be present in the air. 

Activate Carbon Air Cleaners

These types of filters are made up of adsorbent pores that function by chemically reacting with the pollutants that come into contact with them. As such, the pollutants in the air will adhere to the carbon filters and become trapped on the surface of these pores. Activated carbon air cleaners are best suited for households looking to eliminate gaseous fumes in the air such as cigarette smoke, pet odours, chemical fumes and more. It should be noted that activated carbon filters are seldom used exclusively. They work best when used in tandem with other air cleaners such as HEPA cleaners so as to increase the scope of pollutants that are being eliminated from the air. Activated carbon filters may be efficient at the elimination of gases and fumes in the air, but they will not be able to eliminate microorganisms and allergens from your indoor air. 

Ionic Air Cleaners

These air cleaners function by sending out a stream of negatively charged ions in the air. These ions then attract the positively charged particulate matter in the air such as allergens and dust. As the particles bond with the negative ions, they become too heavy to float and end up falling to the floor or attaching to the walls. Ionic filters are great for cleaning your air, but you would have to regularly clean up the particulate matter that falls from the air.