Top Loading Versus Front Loading Washing Machines

If you are currently in the market for a new washing machine, you will first need to decide on the style. The two main options include a front loading washing machine and a top loading washing machine. Here are some things to consider when choosing between these two main style options.

Advantages of Top Loading Washing Machines

A top loading washing machine is an older style, but there are still many modern washing machines with this style. One of the biggest benefits is that these tend to be a little less expensive. It has a basic spin cycle design and helps you stick to your budget, especially if you are also trying to find a clothes dryer at the same time. Since you can get more for your money, it also gives you the option of choosing a top loading washer with some added features.

Top loading washing machines are often seen as more convenient because instead of bending over to get your clothes out, you just need to reach over the top. If you are on the short side, this might be more of a burden, but it can be a great benefit to others who have bad backs and can't bend over as well. Another benefit is that these often give you the option of opening the lid and adding more clothes if you need to, while you can't usually do this with the front loading washing machines.

Advantages of Front Loading Washing Machines

Many of the newer and more stylistic washing machines are front loading washing machines. These have a wide range of benefits, though the space-saving benefit is a big one. Since the door is on the front of the machine, even full-size washers and dryers can be stacked if needed. These are meant to be stacked, even if they are not technically the 'stackable' units. It helps to take up less space in your home, while also having full-size machines instead of the more compact stackable units.

To have a washing machine that can hold more clothing and even large blankets, you should consider going with a front loading machine. While you can find large capacity in both machines, the front loading washers do tend to have a little more space. This is because there isn't a big spinning apparatus located in the centre of the washer to spin the clothes and get them cleaned and rinsed.