4 Reasons to Look for a French-Door Refrigerator Instead of a Single-Door Refrigerator

If you're going to be shopping for a new refrigerator, you should keep your eyes peeled for a French-door model. Instead of using a single, larger door, these models use two smaller doors that open from the middle. That might not sound like a huge difference, but going with a French-door refrigerator actually comes with plenty of benefits, and here are just four.

1. Space-Saving

Do you have quite a slim galley-style kitchen, or perhaps not a whole lot of space between where your new refrigerator will go and the side of your central island? If you have any issues with space, a French-door refrigerator is going to serve you well. Using two doors that open from the centre instead of one large door that opens from the side means that these refrigerators require less outward-opening space — the two small doors won't swing out as far as that one main door.

2. Wider Dimensions

French-door refrigerators don't just save on outward space, but they'll also be able to offer more interior room. You can pick up models that are of the same width of a standard model, but you can also find French-door refrigerators that are much wider than single-door models. This is because you can only make a single door so large before it becomes too heavy. With a wider refrigerator, you'll be able to fit more inside, and you'll find that larger items, such as pizza boxes, are much easier to accommodate.

3. Additional In-Door Storage

As well as providing additional width, French-door refrigerators also provide more in-door storage than single-door models, so you're unlikely to run out of space for those items that need to be kept standing. Additionally, you can choose to have an ice maker or cool water dispenser fitted in one door without removing the storage shelves from the other door.

4. Superior Efficiency

It should go without saying that your refrigerator needs to work harder to keep its interior cool whenever you open it up. When this happens, cold air spills out, hot air comes in, and the motor needs to consume plenty of energy to bring the refrigerator's interior back to optimal temperature. There's no way to entirely prevent opening your refrigerator, but you can improve efficiency by using a French-door model. With one half of the refrigerator closed off, the interior won't lose as much coolness as it would with a single-door model.